Visceral Manipulation

Visceral Manipulation is a very gentle specific treatment that encourages normal mshutterstock1562180.jpgobility of the viscera (i.e. liver, stomach and intestines) and their connective tissue, as well as other areas of the body that have impaired motion. Motion can be between other organs, liver and stomach say, or between an organ and other structures,  lungs and ribs for example, or the organ can have movement  within itself,  i.e. the intestines.

All organs are more or less connected to the spine through their support membranes which when strained can impact on the nerve and blood supply not only to those organs but also the rest of the body.

Motion can be impaired by inflammation, due to infection, trauma, repetitive movements or emotional stress.  As the body tries to heal itself, the normal tissue fibres can be replaced by inelastic tissue, causing restrictions in the organs' movement. Poor posture can create tension patterns in the body. Visceral manipulation aims to improve overall movement which should make for better function as the  body is a self healing, self regulating mechanism .

At Moorhouse Osteopathic Centre we use visceral manipulation in conjunction with other forms of osteopathy. Often if there is a problem in the spine there are issues in the tissue/organs, even if the person has no visceral symptoms.

In adults reoccurring problems in the spine may have a visceral component which is constantly straining the spine.  By treating the viscera as well as the spine the person is more likely to have longer lasting relief from the problem.