At the Moorhouse Osteopathic Centre we are dedicated to the wellbeing of every client that comes to our clinic.  The special blend of treatment provided at Moorhouse Osteopathic Centre has come about through years of practise, continual professional development by means of courses and peer review evenings.

We are especially proud of our in house meetings where relevant knowledge and techniques are shared. 

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This has also been a forum for discussing difficult and unusual cases as well as 

reviewing new ideas and therapies in the osteopathic field.


At Moorhouse Osteopathic Centre we are passionate about our professionalism and strive to bring our patients to their optimum health. Our focus is to give the body an opportunity to heal itself by stimulating and taking away any hindrance which would interfere with the body's self regulating mechanism.


 At Moorhouse Osteopathic Centre we are able to offer the following services

  • Structural/Classic Osteopathy

  • Cranial Sacral Therapy

  • Visceral Manipulation

  • Accupuncture